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Pig Farm by Greg Kotis

For full disclosure, Ear Out Eye On knows Mr. Kotis from another life, and have always found him a charming and nice fellow. We first saw him in the Neo-Futurist's "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind," mostly because our former roommate went to college with him. But TMLMTBGB, or "60 plays in 60 minutes," was a brilliant show with a tight, young cast from Chicago, and mostly everyone from that first long run at TODA CON NADA in New York went on to bigger things. (It's still playing in New York and Chicago.)

Greg Kotis went on the write "Urinetown," and we saw the production when it played at the Fringe Festival on the Lower East side of Manhattan. When it moved from double-Off B'way to almost On-B'way, we were excited though we never saw the new production.

Now, Kotis has written a new play that is premiering at the Roundabout Theater in New York by the name of "Pig Farm." gives a... uh... synopsis... of sorts, about the new play:
"Under a pot-bellied sky on a struggling pig farm somewhere in America, Tom, Tina (Katie Finneran) and their hired hand Tim (Logan Marshall-Green) fight to hold onto everything they have—namely, a herd of fifteen thousand restless pigs," reads a description of the Orwellian tale. The tongue-in-cheek synopsis continues "Dumping sludge into the river has driven Tom to drink, and Tim seems to have caught Tina's eye, but when Teddy (Denis O'Hare), an officer of the Environmental Protection Agency, arrives to inspect the operation, life on the farm explodes, implodes, then explodes again. Not literally, of course, but…you get the idea."
Kotis's plays are of a Brechtian/Orwellian nature, timely, surreal, and subtly pointed. Early reviews aren't out yet, so we'll keep our ears open for more news. Break a leg, Greg!

Pig Farm by Greg Kotis
"One Man. One Woman. Too Many Hogs."
Opens at the Roundabout theatre on June 16.
Time Out New York is giving a 25% discount on the $66.00 ticket if you use the code, "PFTONY." (Offer good for Performances June 9-July 9, but you must buy tickets by June 18.)
Laura Pels Theatre, located at 111 West 46th Street will be available in the spring by calling Roundabout Ticket Services at (212) 719 1300.
For more information, go online to
Denis O'Hare, Katie Finneran, Logan Marshall-Green and John Ellison Conlee

Have you ever wanted a meta-search engine that uncovered cheap air and hotel fares all in one shot? I know your answer is yes, as Internet travellers can find it's a pain to go searching in Travelocity, then Orbitz, then Expedia, only to find that the first one's the cheapest, but you've lost the price because you were busy comparing at another site.

Now, there's a meta-search engine that helps solves this sticky little problem: was announced in October 2004 (released in Beta) and launched on February 7, 2005. However, its only reached our attention in the last few weeks, so as far as we're concerned, it started yesterday!

The interface is simple to use as it aggregates fares, puts them in logical order, and spits them out to you. One of the things we absolutely loved was that when you put your dates into the initial search, the interface automatically shows you the actual day of the week you entered.

It's simple things like that that makes a world of difference. And the fact that we don't have to search several sites to comparision shop.

Thanks, we're sure to see you soon.

If you have used, please drop us a comment on what you thought of it!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lordi, It Ain't ABBA

For those of you who know about Kiss and GWAR, Finland brings you a new costume-rock band by the name of Lordi to add to the pantheon of latex and greasepaint. Though their fellow Finlandians aren't embracing them, the rest of Europe loves them. They won this year's Eurovision Song Contest held in the 2006 host country of Greece. (The country who wins last, hosts next.)

Lordi joins such performers as ABBA, Olivia Newton-John and Celine Dion in the contest, broadcast to 38 countries, with over 100 million viewers. (So, is it no surprise that NBC is trying to cash in with its own USA-wide talent show? Watch out for "America's Got Talent," hosted by Regis Philbin and produced by "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell. Egads, is America ready for this?)

While we here at Ear Out Eye On were fortunate enough to see GWAR once back in the 1990s, we're not so sure about repeating the experience when Lordi heads to a town near us. But we just might buy an album. According to Yahoo! News, while winning the contest is no guarantee of wider success, bands and singers usually do go on to some fame in their home countries. We hope that Finland learns to embrace the "The Arockalypse" for what it is... strange, fun, and wacked-out entertainment.

Buy all 37 contestant songs here.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bausch and Lomb Recall

For those of you who are contact lens wearers and use Bausch and Lomb's MoistureLoc eyecare product, you should be aware that a recall and product discontinuation is underway after several cases of an eye disease known as Fusarium fungi were found in Asia, Europe, the U.S., and well, pretty much everywhere.

The company doesn't know exactly how their products got contaminated, but what is known is that they took of bit of time to acknowledge the outbreak in the U.S. after acknowledging the initial outbreak in Asia. Not cool. But still they are on the ball now with televised commercials and updated tutorials on proper care of contact lenses on their site.

Site: Bausch
Bausch and Lomb feedroom with commercial and tutorial here.

We suppose it's better late than never.

New York Times article

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

MacBook Lust: Intel Edition

It's here! The cheaper MacBook edition of Apple's Intel processor machine. We were lusting for it a month ago!

$1499 will get you the 2.0 Intel Core Duo processor in 13.3 in. of sweet lacquered black. Maybe you want to buy it at the new Manhattan Mac store located on Fifth Avenue at 59th Street? It opens in one day, 19 hours, 57 minutes and x number of seconds. Rumor has it that U2 may perform at the opening. We'll see if that happens...

No Pet Left Behind Legislation

After Hurricane Katrina, America witnessed not only the plight of humans, but the plight of animals as well; animals that were torn from their owners upon rescue, left tied to front porches, left tied to the sides of highways when human-only shelters wouldn't let them in. The Humane Society of America has helped to produce legistlation to remedy this situation. The PETS Act (Pet Evacuation and Transportion Act) is a bipartisan bill whose intention is to remedy this situation and set standards once and for all.

Bill Number: S. 2548 & H.R. 3858
Bill Sponsor(s): Sens. Ted Stevens (R-AK), Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), Lincoln Chafee (R-RI), and Maria Cantwell (D-WA)
Reps. Tom Lantos (D-CA), Christopher Shays (R-CT), Barney Frank (D-MA), Don Young (R-AK) and James Oberstar (D-MN)

Go HERE for more information and to urge your Senators and Representatives to vote in favor of this legislation to help not only our human friends, but our furry ones as well.

"Blogs Now Have a World of Influence"

According to the Christian Science Monitor, as of May, there are 37 million blogs out there, which means that this blog, which was created May 16, isn't even included in that total! Though there are so many blogs, only a small percentage of the population of the world actually reads them, though it's who reads them that counts because those who read them are the ones that actually influences the greater society around them.

The bottom line regarding the influence of blogs, according to the CSM, is this:
....For all the accuracy charges leveled against blogs or safety concerns expressed about social networking, these Internet-based activities are increasingly the way people communicate.

According to an April 2006 report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 88 percent of 18- to-29-year-olds in the US now go online, and 84 percent of 30- to 49-year-olds do so. The influence of the Internet is only going to increase.

Read more here.

Frugal Traveler Around the World in 90 Days

Check out the regular updates of the New York Times's "Frugal Traveler" Matt Gross, as he attempts to go around the world in 90 days, just like Phileas Fogg, but with a lot less money. The first article was published today (Wednesday, May 17) and it's a weekly travel feature. The Times didn't say when the next one will be published besides "Next Week," but it might be safe to say that you should check the Times's travel section every Wednesday to read more.

The first article outlines the Frugal Traveler's flight issues, like how exactly do you go around the world on the cheap? He decides to buy tickets for the first leg and the last, and to wing it in between:
In the end, I decided to buy only the first and last segments of the trip — Newark-Lisbon on May 11, which I purchased for $547 through TAP Portugal's Web site, and Beijing-San Francisco on Aug. 11, for $898.67. To get from Point A to Point A, I would hopscotch the globe using low-cost carriers, buses, trains, ferries and serendipity. Or at least that's the plan. Like Phileas Fogg, I set off without a second thought last Thursday.
First stop: Lisbon.
Next week: Galicia

See you there!

By way of, comes a new computer "mashup" combining Google Maps and the National Weather Service.

It's easy to check out the weather for up to four days with simple graphics.

Article from New West Boulder:

Fun With Google Maps The Making of a Mashup, Part 1

By Jenny Shank, 5-16-06

And here's

Our review: easy to read and navigate, with simple pictures that let you know an overview of the day's weather. While not giving an up to the hour update of your weather, when you need a quick and easy overview, WeatherMole is just right for you. So far, its only for the Continental U.S. and Hawaii, but we're sure there will be more continents to come in this scrappy little program's future!

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